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Orders and Customers





Adjustable Floor Plan

Table centered, allowing for intuitive interactions and displaying key information at a glance. Update your floor plan on the fly, so your staff always knows where to go and customers never wait too long.

Customizable Menu

Create your menu in minutes with combos, add-ons, specialties and discounts. Add your own colors or pictures and sort them into custom categories so your staff always know where to go.

Kitchen Displays

Organized and Eco-friendly. Help your kitchen deliver more goods in less time with orders that are displayed automatically when they are sent.


One place for all your needs. Whether a printer, tablet, POS all-in-one, or cash register, we provide the perfect work environment so your staff can provide the best service to customers.

User Management

Provide all your staff with their own profile so they only have the visibility and access they need.

Orders and Customers

Tablet Orders

Go where your customers are and take orders on the spot. Whether its to the BBQ station or Bar, information is sent quickly from front of the restaurant to the back, no need for running around and less room for mistakes.

Flexible billing

Forget about manual calculations and big headaches when it comes to billing. Bill splitting, Course Splitting, Single seat checkout, table transfering, pay at pickup, cash on delivery, tip distribution. Do it all.


Visa, Mastercard, Cash, etc. Allow your customers to use their preferred payment methods and close their experience as smoothly as it started.

Customer Facing display

Offer your customers full transparency and receive fewer questions from them about the pricing with a front-facing display and let them see everything.

Timed Promotions

Happy Hours or Daily Specials? Set discounted prices directly in the system and let the system turn the promotions on and off automatically.

Functions Offline

Our software functions locally to ensure your business never experience internet interuptions.


Cloud Reporting

See in real time how your restaurant is doing and make the adjustments to have a successful day.

End-of-day reports

Let SalesPlus tell you how good of a day it has been. Overall sales, sales per employee, sales by payment type, average per receipt, you can see it all.

Product reports

See your top selling products and product categories as well as the percentage of each product against total sales, along with all other information related to sales and taxes.

User report

See every transaction processed by your staff and a list of the receipts per user with the tip information.


Clock in and out

Allow your staff to clock in or out using a fob key and id card scanner to better calculate work hours and allow for utmost efficency and ease

Employee permissions

Not everyone needs to check sales numbers or change item prices. Decide who can see what in the system for more efficiency.

Staff Profiles

Staff can easily sign in and out with a fob key. This allows multiple servers to use one register at the same time, with organized tip distribution at the end of the day.

Staff Report

See how members of your team are doing. From hours worked to transaction and revenue, SalesPlus gives you a complete picture of their day.


24/7 Phone Support

With SalesPlus, support is one less thing you need to worry about. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Email and SMS Support

Have a quick question? Don't wait on the phone to get the answer and simply send us an email or text, and we'll get back to you!

Remote Access

Don't know what's wrong? Let one of our agents remote into your system to find and fix any of your problems immediately if you are in a hurry or overnight to ensure your business is never interupted.

Onboarding Session

You won't start alone. Our onboarding agents will walk you through our POS so you can make the best use of it.