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Does Inc provides more than just a POS. Whether you own a restaurant, superstore, or retail, we set a new standard for business management.

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No Matter What Your Industry

Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Bars, Nightclubs, karaoke Cafes, Food Trucks, Bakeries, Fast Casual and Retail


  • Customizeable Table layout
  • Tablet POS speeds up ordering processes, sending orders directly to different stations
  • Supports bill splitting, course splitting, and single seat checkout

Fast Food

  • Customizeable Menus with combos and addons, easily modifying orders to customer preferences
  • Schedule and trade shifts, clocking in and out with utmost efficiency


  • Items can be sorted into customizeable categories and be filtered or searched
  • Monitor your overall performance with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Supports both cloud and offline modes


  • Flexible payment methods for every situation
  • Easily customize and apply discount and sales
  • Track employee performance with labour and shift reports

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Brands That Love SalesPlus

Custom Solutions that are catered for every business

UpTwn Lounge

Bar-Catered Solutions

Enforces Minimum Charge per Person, as well as mandatory service charge

Shawarma Time & Grill

Fast-Casual Solutions

Automatic weekday specials with flexible addons

Royal Mezgouf

Large-Scale Table Service Solutions:

Tablet POS sends the order directly to different kitchens, can be shown on large screens or printed out.

Infusion Bar And Grill

Bar-Grill Solutions

Billing by name instead of seat to support movement

Jessy's Pizza

Fast-Casual Solutions

Reports and User managements on cloud while keeping all functions local to support any internet interuptions

Jolly Top's Filipino Cuisine

Asian Combo Platters

Create Easy to access Plastic Bag Button